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Decision making made easy

Need to make a team decision? Who makes the next coffee, where to go for lunch or who's going to answer the phone.
Use /coinflip,/diceroll or /rps to get an instant decision

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Easy Installation

Simply click Add to Slack to add @decisionbot to your Slack Team.

Use /diceroll followed by a number to generate a random number
(default is 1-6)

Use /coinflip to return Heads or Tails

Use /rps followed by tagging your opponent to play Rock, Paper, Scissors

No more arguments

Use @decisionbot to settle arguments or make quick decisions. Either flip a coin or roll a dice using this simple Slack Bot.

@decisionbot supports flipping a coin, rolling a dice and playing Rock, Paper, Scissors directly in Slack..

Support / Ideas

Got an issue or an idea? Get in touch on Twitter @thedecisionbot.

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Make decisions using Slack

The DecisionBot helps you settle disputes and makes casual decisions in Slack channels. This bot is really simple to set up and use, just include @decisionbot in a message and follow the instructions. The DecisionBot will listen for your instructions and respond with the correct results. It's quick, simple and very efficient.

No more arguments

DecisionBot is a simple decision maker bot that provides you an efficient way of deciding who's right and who's wrong in that never-ending argument or just to settle something quickly.

Where are we going for lunch?

Are you and your team always arguing about what to do for lunch? With @decisionbot, you can make a quick decision and. Use it in Slack to roll a dice, flip a coin or play Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Stop wasting time

There are times when a quick decision is what you want, but there's no time to waste debating. DecisionBot is a simple decision maker for Slack.

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